Whitaker and Hansen Candles

About Us

Our candles are handmade scented soy candles. They come in decorated mason jars.  We are just starting off, so our selection is limited. Candles will hopefully become available during the week of 6/8/15.  We will have a wider selection of scents as our candles become more sought after.

Please send us emails with comments, advice, and ideas on how we can improve Whitaker and Hansen Candles!

Why buy soy candles?

Soy candles are considered to be healthier than normal paraffin candles. They are cleaner burning and do not release carcinogens or pollutants, there is also no soot as you would get when burning a paraffin candle.  In addition soy candles are also thought to be longer burning than regular paraffin candles.

For more information of soy candles, go to: http://www.ecocandleco.com/benefits.html

Our wicks are made from cotton cores, meaning that they also burn cleaner than a zinc or lead core wick. They will not leave black soot on your candle or the wall if you burn your candles near a wall.

Ordering Candles

We sell to Laramie, WY and are willing to make home deliveries or work with customers on pick ups.  Customers can place an order by sending us an email. Payment is accepted at the time of delivery and we accept cash or check only.

All of our scents are listed at the store, with the prices for each size listed. Pictures will be shown when we have candles in stock. As our business gets up and running we will be ordering a wider arrangements of scents so if you know of one you would like us to order please send us an email.

We reserve the right to refuse orders if they are too large or if the order is placed from outside of Laramie Wyoming.

Entering your email address with your order is extremely important. We will use your email to contact you when your order is ready and to discuss delivery options.